Thanks for showing interest in the Hercules Community Of Interests
which was founded in 1993.

Hercules K 125 S


At the moment our community consists of more than 750 national and international members.

Our goal is the upkeep of Hercules vehicles.

We also take care of the Zweirad Union vehicles (DKW, Victoria and Express) from 1966 on.

For that purpose we are sharing experience and spare parts.
We support dealers with technical data for spare parts reproduction (like fork seals or type plates or chain wheels)
and carry out different kinds of meetings.
For example our annual meeting takes place for three days in summer. During this meeting our members are able to get to know each other better.



Periodically we publish a 72 page fanzine in german language for our members. Currently three times a year. We can´t do this in vain. Therefore we take a subscription fee of per year. We use it for producing and shipping the fanzine.

So if you are now more interested in our Hercules Community of Interests and want to join us, please send us an e-mail. For those who are not familiar with the german language or live far from Germany there is another possibility to join us:
Bookmark our homepage, so that you can visit it regularly and please send an e-mail, too!